What is it made from?

Now is the time to start acting and think about the footprint you leave. As a consumer you have the power to choose different and make a change in the textile industry. Think about it – how often do you ask yourself “what is it made from?”.

It can be difficult to navigate in the sustainable jungle but in this blog post we will lead you through some general information about sustainable materials.



What is it made from?


Conventional cotton has been used for ages and you will probably find it in 95% of your clothes in your closet. To produce conventional cotton farmers uses chemicals because of insect pests which is very disruptive to most beneficial insects. The use of water resources is also an environmental challenge when producing conventional cotton. This type of cotton has nothing to do with sustainable materials.

Organic cotton saves us from pesticides and is more gentle to our nature and the insects, who live in it. But we are not there yet. Organic cotton is always a better alternative to conventional cotton although we still need water and energy to produce it. Just to mention some of the benefits of organic cotton – it does not damage the soil, it has less impact on the air, and it uses about 90% less water and about 60% less energy than conventional cotton.

If you are looking for the most sustainable cotton – go recycled. It is a more sustainable alternative to both conventional and organic cotton.



How can polyester even be a choice when talking about sustainability? Look after recycled polyester and you’ll find out. This kind of polyester is made of recycled PET bottles. First you separate and wash the bottles, then you cut them into tiny flakes and re-mold them into tiny balls that later can be melted down and created into new products such as clothing.

By using recycled polyester, you will reduce waste and become less reliant on fossil fuels. Of course, we also need energy to produce recycled polyester and therefore we always have to think about the lifetime of our clothes and if the design is time bound.



It is no secret that we love 100% materials. And if it is possible and fair to our comfort standard, we never mix fabrics. It is not easy to separate blended fibers (mixed materials) and we therefore only reuse 100% materials.



If you are looking for other alternatives to cotton and polyester, you can have a look at the listed fabrics below.

• Organic hemp
• Organic linen
• Tencel
• Pinatex
• Econyl
• Qmonos

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100% organic cotton - a pure product made from natural seeds without use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.


Hypoallergenic - organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic resilient and gentle on the skin.