T-shirt – men’s, short sleeve with print

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Our basic sustainable T-shirt for men has a discreet print on the left sleeve to help share the message about the sustainable fibers and production behind the garment. The message manifests to your customers and work partners, the conscious choice that has been made by wearing TOIL ‘N’ MOIL. 

All details are well thought through; you’ll not find any neck label that itches and is uncomfortable. The mid-weight fabric makes it perfect for layering as well as worn on its own.  

Our collection is designed to resist trends of the time. We believe that the most sustainable T-shirt is the one used in many years. And not controlled by its design.  

Organic cotton, why?

The reasons for using organic cotton instead of conventional are many, but the primary reason is that it’s a better choice. Both for you and our planet. Conventional cotton is grown with the use of pesticides, which affects our groundwater, animal life and the work conditions for local farmers. We know, that we’re not there yet, and that we also use resources like water when producing organic cotton.


  • Free from pesticides  
  • Free from chemicals 
  • A more sustainable choice


  • It is more expensive to produce than conventional cotton  
  • Compared to polyester we still use a lot of water in the production 

A comfortable T-shirt produced by the best cotton.  Therefore, we have chosen to use 100% organic PIMA-cotton to all our T-shirts. PIMA-cotton is known to be the strongest of the different types of cotton and is allergy friendly too. It makes a durable and long-lasting material with the advantage of also being a silky-smooth material that resists pilling and holds its luster longer than conventional cotton.  

Wash and care: We recommend you wash your T-shirt by 40 degrees Celsius and without bleach. Not suitable for industrial washing.

Shrinkage: Cotton shrinks and so do our T-shirt – 3-5 %.   

Shape: Our men’s T-shirt has a straight cut. 

GOTS-certified clothes

Our collection is certified with The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). It means, that our clothes are produced with requirements to environment and social responsibility. Furthermore, our collection is Label-grade 1, which means that we as a minimum uses 95% certified organic cotton in each piece of clothes.  

We and our suppliers need to follow special requirements within environment, wastewater treatment, quality and social responsibility. Read more about GOTS 

The basic sustainable T-shirt also comes in a long sleeved version for both men and women and in different colors. The minimalist design creates the perfect opportunity to add your own logo, but we encourage you to consider whether a logo is necessary or not.


111 DKK incl. VAT

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100% organic cotton - a pure product made from natural seeds without use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals.


Hypoallergenic - organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic resilient and gentle on the skin.