A take-back system developed to extend the lifetime of each piece

At TOIL ‘N’ MOIL we care about the environment and therefore we have decided to manufacture all our workwear in a sustainable way. To reduce the environmental impact even further, we wish to extend the lifetime of each piece of garment we manufacture. Instead of throwing the workwear away, we have developed a take-back system which ensures that the workwear is reused.

How does the take-back system work?

When your TOIL ‘N’ MOIL garments are worn out, we would like you to return them to us.

When you return your TOIL ‘N’ MOIL garments we will make sure that they are reused in the best way possible which is either recycling, upcycling or reusing the fibers. Our priority is to recycle as much as we can. If recycling is not an option, we will upcycle the garment to extend its lifetime. If both recycling and upcycling is infeasible, we will reuse the fibers.


Achieve points when returning used garments 

To thank you for returning the garments to us, we give you points which you can use in our webshop to buy new items. The amount of points depends on the state of the garment and whether you have a logo printed on the piece or not. In the table below, you can see the points you can achieve when returning your used garments. The returned workwear have to be clean and made by TOIL 'N' MOIL.

Logo type 




Value in DKK 

No logo 



Logo embroidered as a separate piece and sewn onto the garment. 



Logo embroidered directly onto the garment. 



Logo printed directly onto the garment. 



Logo printed on a transfer and then applied to the garment with heat. 



Damaged workwear not suitable for recycling 



Take a closer look

Of course, our look book is printed on environmentally friendly paper and with oil-based printing colours. Check out the digital edition.